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Hygienist Sanitizing Spray

  • Multipurpose Sanitizing Spray with 72% Alcohol (denatured) that kills 99.9% bacteria and viruses*¬†
  • Eliminates illness causing bacteria and viruses*
  • Safe to use on skin & surfaces (Do not use on electrical devices, painted or lacquered or varnished surfaces, acrylic plastics, brass and copper.)
  • With added Moisturiser¬†
  • No wiping required
  • Spray from 15-20cm & allow to air dry
  • Easy to carry anywhere, gives on the go protection
  • Refreshing fragrance


Hygienist multipurpose sanitizing spray

The BodyAbsolute Hygienist- Multipurpose sanitizing Spray is an alcohol based spray made from 72% Ethyl Alcohol which makes it the most ideal germ protection spray ever which kills 99.9% germs & is safe on skin. Crafted with perfection, this spray can not only be used to clean palms and hands but also all surfaces that are commonly used at work or at home. Choose wise, choose smart for only those that care will be fair.